Free Disposal-Recycling

To Recycle or Not To Recycle

Not everything can be tossed into the recycling canisters in the name of saving our environment. You may feel good about saving the planet when you choose to drop your items into recycling instead of throwing it away, however for recycling to be used it needs to meet certain standards and basic levels of cleanliness.

Materials we accept for free at the Transfer Station:

  1. Used Motor Oil Contaminated oil will not be accepted.
  2. Used Oil Filters Must be drained at least 24 hours.
  3. Car Batteries
  4. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol)  Contaminated antifreeze will not be accepted.
  5. Paint (PaintCare)


Household Batteries
All household batteries, including all alkaline, all rechargeable, all carbon-zinc, as well as all button cells, and battery packs from rechargeable devices. TAPE ALL BATTERY ENDS.





Fluorescent Tubes or Bulbs
Fluorescent tubes or bulbs from residents are accepted at the Del Norte County Transfer Station at no charge (residential fluorescent bulbs only) seven days a week. Should you have a broken fluorescent tube or bulb, wear a dusk mask to clean up the area. Place broken tubes or bulbs in a paper bag, keep this separate from your regular garbage. Important- Please tell the Transfer Station gate attendant if you have fluorescent bulbs, tubes, or a broken fluorescent tube or bulb before disposal. There is a charge to recycle fluorescent tubes from commercial businesses.


Following are items that are readily accepted as recyclable but not free at the Transfer Station:

Metals- Keep your metals separate from your trash, and you can recycle them for about 25% of the cost of trash.

Glass – All colors of bottles and jars with their lid removed, rinsed and left empty

Plastic – All beverage containers, bottles, jugs, tubs, containers, buckets, pales, crates, plant pots, plastic bags. Rinse and empty all plastic containers, and remove any lid.

Paper – Broken down cardboard boxes.