Hambro WSG

Where does all that trash go?

The typical amount of trash an American will throw away amounts to 600 times his or her adult weight. For every 150 pound adult, he or she leaves behind 90,000 pounds of trash. That’s a whole lot of trash to dispose of, so going about getting rid of it properly is important because the way you leave your environment is part of the heritage your children and the next generation will receive.

Hambro WSG is located in Crescent City, in Northern California’s Del Norte County. We are the only place for folks to bring their trash for disposal in the county.

We follow rules from the state of California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery program, CalRecycle. CalRecycle unites the state’s recycling and waste management programs to oversee and maintain proper environmental stewardship. This program requires strict adherence to initiatives like the Integrated Waste Management Act or the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act. It is through CalRecycle’s effort to use less that California is able to boast a higher than national rate of recycling as it holds high standard levels for the state and for Del Norte County.

Hambro WSG is the only transfer station in Del Norte County. We are trained and ready to handle all of your trash and recycling needs while complying to the high standards of the State of California and it’s CalRecycle requirements.

CalRecycle seeks to challenge and inspire Californians to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling and reuse goals in the nation. Recycling programs support more than 140,000 green jobs in the state of California.

Hambro WSG is part of this innovative and sound advancement in science and technology by adhering to the CalRecycle standards of using efficient programs to improve the environment’s sustainability and a vital economy.